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Facet Chandelier by Lasvit

Facet Chandelier, created to represent a diamond-like hexagonal glass building block.

Facet 7: 21¼W x 20⅜H
Facet 19: 35¼W x 32⅝H
Facet 37: 48¼W x 43½H

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Growing Vases by Lasvit

Growing Vases can only be described as extraordinarily playful and fresh, something never seen before.

39⅓" Diameter x 55⅛H

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Plisse Cloud by Lasvit

The Plisse Cloud Collection is inspired by the timeless plisse fabric.

Plisse Cloud Small:
19-11/16" Diameter x 21-1/16H
Plisse Cloud Large:
52¾" Diameter x 40¾H

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Neverending Glory Collection by Lasvit

The Neverending Glory Collection reflects nostalgic emotions and interprets opulent candle chandeliers in a new way to symbolize those prime moments of appreciation and glory.

Bolshoi Theatre:
21⅝" Diameter x 30¾H
La Scala:
21⅝" Diameter x 23⅝H
Metropolitan Opera:
19⅝" Diameter x 16⅛H
Prague Estate Theatre:
17-5/16" Diameter x 28¾H
Palais Garnier:
20" Diameter x 21⅞H

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Crystal Rock Collection by Lasvit

The Crystal Rock Collection is not from the Stone Age, but rather the cave of the future, as an ambassador to the fusion of nature and man, light and reflection, transparency and mass.


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Spin Light Collection by Lasvit

The Spin Light Collection is a dynamic expression based on a simple rotational form, resembling a child’s spinning top or the silhouette of whirling dervishes.

Spin Light Small:
13" Diameter x 12H
Spin Light Medium:
15" Diameter x 13H
Spin Light Large:
17" Diameter x 16½H

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Clover Collection by Lasvit

The Clover Collection is a direct descendent of the Super Clover, a large geometric lighting form.

Clover Pendant 3:
20" Diameter x 11H
Clover Pendant 6:
20" Diameter X 21H
Clover Floor Lamp:
20" Diameter x 64H

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